Early Childhood Curriculum

SPARK Early Childhood Curriculum Manual:

SPARK Early Childhood CurriculumDeveloped through research with San Diego State University, the University of Tennessee, Memphis, Memphis City Schools, and the Catawba reservation in South Carolina. Designed specifically for the preschool teacher, this is a practical document presented in a simple and easy-to-use format. Over 400 pages of dynamic, musical, and academically integrated activities are sectioned into 12 instructional units (e.g., Movin’ Magic, Fancy Feet, Silly Scarves and Streamers, etc.). Each unit is presented in scope and sequence via engaging daily lesson plans. SPARK activities “build-in” helpful management and organization tips with brief, scripted lessons presented in a “read-to-the-children” format. SPARK EC is easy to learn, easy to teach and FUN for everyone!

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